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Trailer Roof Sealer - 10 Gal (5 Gal Primer and 5 Gal Top Coat) - Free Shipping

Trailer Roof Sealer - 10 Gal (5 Gal Primer and 5 Gal Top Coat) - Free Shipping

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Davlin’s Trailer Roof Sealer comes with two of the best products  to create a waterproof, cool, and long-lasting coat on your trailer roof (500 square feet):

1) Rubber Seal (primer) is an ultra-tough elastomeric coating designed to seal, protect, and restore several surfaces. Rubber Seal is superior at creating a durable weatherproof membrane that outlasts alternative solutions.

2) Sunshield 3800 is a pure 100% acrylic emulsion latex coating that creates a hard, abrasion-resistant film that is flexible enough to allow the coating to move with an elastomeric undercoat. Sunshield 3800 is designed to be an ultra-durable top coat over masonry, stucco, concrete, drywall, and properly primed metal and wood. It is also designed for use over elastomeric roof, wall, and deck coatings, as well as asphalt shingles and mineral surface cap sheets. Because of its hardness, it is recommended as a top coat over elastomeric coatings, which tend to pick up dirt. Its hardness also better resists mildew growth.

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