Please read some of our reviews from the many clients we have worked with over the past 50 years.

1- Vincent Corbett Jr., IRCC Apprenticeship Roofing Instructor

"I have used various Davlin products for some thirty years. First as an applicator for Fidelity Roof in Oakland, and more recently as a roofing instructor for the Independent Roofing Contractors of Ca. Ca.
Cap seal was the first product that I used. It was a staple on all of our BUR jobs to coat any exposed asphalt and protect from UV rays. The same can be said for coating three course solvent based mastic repairs on leaky roofs. This product performs so well.
Later in my application career, a wonderful product came on board called Davlin 900. It is a rubberized asphalt emulsion that can be applied with a roller. Great underneath top coat of either/and Davlin 510 or Davlin 3800 for UV protection.
Most recently as an apprenticeship roofing trainer, I have used their deck coating Davlin 600 for hands-on mock-ups. You tape angles, seams, and edge metal then apply two base coats with the same Davlin 600. Walnut shells are mixed with a Davlin 3800 top coat that looks very attractive.

There are several reasons why I wholeheartedly endorse Davlin’s coatings:
• They are very roofer friendly, being a water-based product that even a do-it-yourselfer can apply with proper surface preparation.
• They are compatible with a variety of surfaces including cap sheet, modified, and even foam.
• They are a roofer’s best friend in stopping hard to find pinhole leaks. The Davlin 900 Primer/Sealer coat can act like and even looks like a hot asphalt glaze coat that stops the leak 9 times out of 10.
• I really like the polyester product that is used in transitions and for three course applications.
• The Davlin 3800 Top Coat keeps its shine for years because dirt, algae and industrial contaminants do not cling to it as is the case with other top coat products."

2- Vance Stallings, Business Owner, Jax Kitchen, Jacksonville, FL

"Hi Mehdi, please find some pictures before and after of our project very nice product. Thank you so much Vance."

3- Jimmy Cosenza, Owner, Nicholas Roofing

"While working for my father in the roofing business, I learned what a good product Davlin Capseal was. At that time, we only used Capseal on the top of the parapet walls to prevent black tar from bleeding on the outside walls. That was over 40 years ago and now we are still using the same great product with many different applications. Davlin Capseal not only seals the roof, but keeps them looking nice. Thank you Davlin."

4- Rick V. Custodio, All American Roofing

"I have been using Davlin products for the last 25 years and they make an excellent product. Recently I tried the 3800 and the 900 and it worked out beautifully, as I was doing a project for a good friend of mine. He was amazingly surprised at how well the product worked. Great stuff, keep up the good work!"

5- WHL Waterproofing Inc.

"I have been in the business since the 1980s, have done thousands of jobs and have been using Davlin products since 1982. I have always used Davlin products in order to get a complete system as Davlin works well with numerous other products and helps ensure the success of the project.
You are only as good as your last job, and Davlin helps me get the job done right and make the project successful.
One of the most important points for me is that using Davlin products is going to lead to return business. I am not in the phone book or on the internet. Word of mouth and taking jobs on what you can solve is important. The Davlin Roof System should be part of your arsenal.
Davlin 900 is an amazing product because it sticks to hot tar. When you deal with a carport roof where you don’t want to reroof the project, you can apply the Davlin system and it will give life to the roof."

6- Philip Tong, General Manager, Amersun (H.K.) LTD Hong Kong